Case Study

Case study for revision droopy eyelid (ptosis) surgery

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“I was initially operated on by a Harley Street surgeon to correct a droop (ptosis) in my left eyelid. Two unsuccessful surgeries by the original surgeon made my condition much worse – the eyelid had a swollen appearance, I had no skin crease or lid fold, and the eyelid had been cut so much that it was turned inwards (entropion). I had a sore red eye, with blurred vision as my my eyelashes were constantly rubbing against my eye.

I was referred to Mrs Shah-Desai and she managed to correct the entropion and ptosis with one procedure. This relieved over a year of irritation and asymmetrical appearance and I am extremely happy with the results ! She is a warm and friendly person and made me feel quite relaxed throughout the surgery and follow-ups. ”

ZI (patient 2013)