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Profhilo vs. Teosyal Redensity 1: Which Hyaluronic Acid Injectable Is Right for You?

Written by aesthetic content writer Catherine. Reviewed by Medical Director Dr. Sabrina Shah-Desai
Published on: November 29, 2022
Profhilo vs. Teosyal Redensity 1

Injectables, but not as we know them.

A new era of hyaluronic acid (HA) injectables are taking the aesthetics industry by storm, working as our go-to boosters for more youthful looking skin. Unlike typical dermal fillers looking to add volume, HA injectables focus on the condition and hydration of your skin.

How do hydrating injectables work?

Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of human skin, but we all lose more of it as we age. It is a water binding molecule made up of long chains that can draw and hold 1000% times its weight in water! When used as an injectable in brands such as Profhilo and Teosyal Redensity 1, the hyaluronic acid spreads evenly throughout the face to stimulate skin hydration, unlike a dermal filler which would remain in the injected area to produce volume.

What is the difference between Profhilo and Redensity 1?

Within our practice, we proudly offer both Profhilo and Redensity 1, two of the leading brands within hyaluronic acid injectables. Whilst both produce beautiful, glowing results there are some key differences between the two which may mean one is more suitable for your skin than the other. Let’s explore each hyaluronic acid injectable in more detail.


Profhilo contains higher levels of pure hyaluronic acid (64mg/2ml), perfect for remodelling ageing and sagging skin tissue. Skin laxity is a common concern in patients with more advanced signs of ageing, and Profhilo’s ability to soften fine lines and bio-remodel collagen and elastin can make a great solution.

Profhilo’s usage is not limited to the face either. Whilst it cannot be used within the forehead, it can be used across the rest of the face as well as on the hands, neck, décolletage, knees and stomach too.

The recommended treatment plan for Profhilo is two treatments spaced around 1 month apart. Whilst results may be seen within a few days, these will continue to improve over the following months.

Redensity 1

Teosyal Redensity 1 is a non-cross linked hyaluronic acid, containing an additional 8 amino acids, 3 antioxidants, 2 minerals and Vitamin B6 – all vital components for optimal skin cell renewal and health.

The ingredients within Redensity 1 make it a fantastic treatment option for patients with early or premature signs of ageing such as thinning skin, who will therefore benefit from a boost in skin hydration. This is not limited to the patients face either, Redensity 1 can be used across the face, hands, neck or décolletage.

The recommended treatment plan for Redensity 1 is 2 treatments, spaced around 3 weeks apart. Similarly to Profhilo, results may be seen almost instantly continuing to improve over the following months.

How do I know which is right for me?

Whilst a consultation is always required in order to build an accurate and effective treatment plan, Profhilo is designed for patients with more advanced signs of ageing, concerned with things like fine lines and sagging skin. Redensity 1 is more suitable for younger patients with less skin laxity but perhaps dryer, dehydrated skin needing a ‘wow’ glow to bring it back to life.

Winter months with Redensity 1

If Redensity 1 sounds like a treatment that could support your skin concerns, there’s never been a better time to start your journey. Nourish your skin in time for Christmas with Contact the clinic today to book a consultation and get healthy skin all winter long.


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