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Case Study

Case Study : Thyoid Eye Disease

Written by aesthetic content writer Catherine. Reviewed by Medical Director Dr. Sabrina Shah-Desai
Published on: August 12, 2013

I have attended Moorfields hospital as an outpatient for almost 5 years and have had numerous surgeries as a result of contracting thyroid eye disease. Although the surgeries were painful and most of the time, even now my eyes are sore because of the eye disease I still have, I think the worst thing for me was how the disease affected the appearance of my eyes, my left eye was wide open causing it to dry out and become very sore, my right eye was drooping. I have always been a very confident person both socially and at work but due to the way I looked, my confidence was very low, I very rarely looked people straight in the eyes as I felt they were looking at my eyes not at me and I always wore dark glasses. I am employed as an After School Service Development Officer which is quite high profile, meeting face to face working with staff and children. Because of the way I looked I was not enjoying my job or my life very much.

On the 5th October Mrs Sabrina Shah-Desai performed surgery to lower the lid of my left eye and remove some skin from my right eye. The procedure worked so well, I feel confident in removing the dark glasses I have worn for so long, my confidence is growing and I feel I have my life back. I felt I had to express my gratitude and thanks to Mrs Sabrina Shah-Desai for her dedication and expertise. I also found her to explain things very clearly in layman terms, giving me both the positives and negatives. I will need further surgery but my full trust is with Mrs Sabrina Shah-Desai.

In my opinion she is a tremendous surgeon and I feel privileged to have her as my surgeon. Thank you Sabrina and thank you Moorfields for employing such a dedicated surgeon, she is worth her weight in gold.


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